I came in to see you and test drove an 08 tacoma off your lot. I spent all day driving trucks and sitting down with sales staff. I have to tell you I really really hate the tired old circle around math and numbers manipulation that mean absolutely nothing and waste my time.
As a well educated person I find it intellectually insulting and more than mildly irritating. Salesman after salesman on saturday just played the same old crap and I ended up walking away from a toyota truck sale I was actually mentally prepared to make on the spot but had a really negative experience with a salesman that just made my skin crawl. I found your easy no-bs approach very refreshing and it was just easy to sit down and talk with you like normal people working out some business. I think that stuck with me all day because 6 trucks and an armful of quotes and business cards later, you are the only person I met with, that I had a good experience with and I feel you earned and deserve a sale from me. You were so non confrontational I realized at the end of the day you didn’t even give me your card. I had to look you up online.Anyways I figured you guys probablly dont get a tonne of positive feedback in your line of work so I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your candid attitude and open honesty. Id like to come back in and do business with you on that tacoma. Have a look at your numbers see what you can do for me and I won’t make it a waste of time for you. I think you are going to be very successful in your career.